BMW series 5

The BMW 5 Series introduced a broad range of engines, including the BMW 523i, the 528i and the 535i, which have six-cylinder 3.0-litre engines. The manufacturer also catered for diesel buyers by introducing the 3.0 litre BMW 530d and the 2.0-litre four-cylinder 520d. Later the 535d, the M Sport trim and the EfficientDynamics versions of the 520d were introduced. The vehicles come with a standard six-speed manual gearbox for smooth and accurate shifting and an eight-speed automatic for all models. They also feature leather upholstery, an infotainment system, Bluetooth phone integration and 17-inch alloy wheels. Being a luxury vehicle, many motorists who want to buy a BMW 5 vehicle look for second-hand models.

Why are Second-hand ones so Reasonably Priced?

The 5 Series offers the perfect blend of performance, luxury and cost-effectiveness. It is slightly larger than the 3 Series but not as expensive as the 7 Series. Buying a used one is far cheaper than buying a new model; these are mainly bought or leased by companies with a lot more money to spare than the average motorist, who is reluctant to pay large sums for what is, after all, just a means of transport (although a superb one at that!).

What would the Price Difference be Between a New One and a Three-year-old

Several factors affect the price of a used BMW 5 series. They include the vehicle’s history, mileage, model and generation. A three-year-old BMW series costs about £31,000 whilst a new one starts at £54,395.

Is it Good to Drive?

Handling is excellent because it has a superior weight distribution. Also, it does not compromise on the comfort of the occupants when driven on rough terrains.

Is it Economical?

The 520d remains the most economical of all BMW 5 series. It returns 62mpg in ED form and 57mpg in its standard form. This vehicle is the cheapest when it comes to tax as it has low-emission models that cost £30 per year. Petrol models are also pretty efficient as the 520i achieves 41mpg, making it a good buy for low-mileage drivers. Their road tax ranges from £190-£280 a year.

Additionally, all model 5 Series vehicles rely on condition-based variable service intervals. As such, no two services cost the same price since it depends on how motorists use their cars. The ranges are 15,000-20,000 miles apart.

Is it Reliable

The 520d was the most popular model of the BMW 5 series and remained the most reliable in the used market. The model can cover over 100,000 miles before experiencing problems with the engine or gearbox and is easier on electrics and brakes compared to the popular executive saloon car.

Are there Drawbacks to Owning a Second Hand One

The only downside to buying a used BMW 5 series is that it needs frequent replacements of the pollen filter. This component wears out quickly, especially on the 520d model.

Why Should I Buy One

The BMW 5 Series is a good buy in a second-hand market. Diesel-engined cars are the most sought after but if you want a big bargain, look out for the rarer petrol five series in Luxury or SE trims. Also, vehicles produced after May 2014 are preferable as they have engines that have complied with the latest Euro 6 emission standards.