Porsche 911

Although the Porsche 911 goes back 50 years a continuous programme of improvements and redesign has kept it right up to date, even whilst retaining it's unmistakable character. Following a merger with Volkswagen this custom has, happily, continued. A modern Porsche is still not only just as exciting to drive, but it is actually comfortable, reliable and reasonably economical to own and run as well.

It is attractive?

The Porsche is one of the most easily recognised cars on the road. Yes, it is absolutely beautiful.

Is it reliable?

It is a well built car with a reputation for solid, high quality manufacture. However, one of the problems with a constantly updating vehicle is that sometimes problems can come to light, which would have been ironed out a long time ago in an older design. That is the price of progress. there have been a number of recalls over the last few years, as detailed below:

Some machines built prior to 2014 had a common engine fault; conrod bolts could break, causing damage to the crankcase. In a few cases it actually caused fires. The engines should have been replaced under warranty by now.

The front luggage compartment lid on a number of cars developed catch faults. This came away from the lid which meant it could open unexpectedly. Again this should have been rectified.

Windscreen bonding in some Targa and Cabriolet models was found to be defective in vehicles prior to 2017. If an impact occurred it was possible for the windscreen to come loose and possibly even fall out. The affected vehicles (149 altogether) were recalled and the bonding was replaced.

Then why should I buy one?

The 9/11 is a great, fun car to drive and very popular. When problems have come to light, Porsche has not been slow to get them fixed and they have developed a well deserved reputation for customer service. As a result, once it is over about three years old, it holds its price very well. Bearing in mind that it is considered by many to be a racing car dressed up as a road vehicle it is comfortable, well built and long-lasting, particularly now that most of the bodywork is made from aluminium rather than steel. A good second-hand model should give many years of pleasurable motoring, and still sell for a reasonable price when it is time to move on to a younger model.