Your Privacy

This privacy policy specifies how we may collect and use information we gather from this website. We will only do this in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act of 2018.

Under this act we have to ensure that any information we gather is used lawfully, fairly and with complete transparency.

Collection of data

This is a private website and not a commercial one. We have no wish whatsoever to collect any data about any person whosoever. Some data is provided to us automatically in our server logs; this includes information which is available to virtually every owner of a website in the world. Subjects include the Internet protocol (IP) address that visitors are using when they come to our site; the pages they visit; the time they spend on these pages; the operating system of their computer; the browser that they are using at the time of their visit; and the type of device they are using, such as a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. None of this information can be used to personally identify any visitor.

Use of this information

We may look at it from time to time to try to see if there are any trends or other useful information that we can gather from it but apart from that this information is largely ignored.

Processing of data

We do not carry out any data processing whatsoever.


This website does not use cookies. Other websites that we have links to probably do use them however. You should make sure that, if you follow a link from our website, you are content with the privacy policy of the site that you are being transferred to.

Protection of your data

All information is kept using industry standard security systems. If you contact us by e-mail your message or messages will be stored on our computers which are doubly protected by strong encryption.

Exposure of your data to third parties

We do not sell, rent, or transfer any way, the very limited data that we are able to collect as a result of visits to our website. We will not do so in the future, unless we are compelled to do so by legal force.

In short, as owners of a website which is intended purely for entertainment purposes we have no interest whatsoever in exploiting any data and we will protect your privacy using all reasonable means to do so.