Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is a huge family estate car produced by Skoda Auto, the Czech carmaker, since 2001. It is a car designed to fulfil a whole family’s needs for transportation. The massive hatchback has a lot of rear capacity. This car has enough space to outgun any other rival in its class.

The Price

For a 2016 model, you can get a Skoda Superb for as little as £10,000. The car sits on a stretched Volkswagen Golf platform. Under the hood is a range of impressive engines. One of the engines is a 1.4 TSI 123 bph petrol engine, which is top of the range. There are other versions of this 2-litre petrol engines with different levels of tune. However, the most popular engine types are the 1.6-litre and the 2-litre TDI diesel engines. The 2-litre engine is offered in 148 bph and 187 bph types. Both the engine comes with an option for dual-clutch automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. There is also an eco-efficient variant of the 1.6-litre engine, which is a great way to cut back on the carbon tax. A 2018 version of the car costs about £18,000 while the 2019 version that comes out in September will cost around £23,000.

Fuel Economics and Reliability

The Skoda Superb is considered a reliable vehicle. It has received excellent ratings during past consumer surveys. In one study conducted in 2016, the MK2 Superb emerged number 20 out of 150 cars included in the survey. In terms of fuel economy, users should go for the petrol engine versions if they are low-mileage users. It manages 45.6 mpg, which is because of the cylinder deactivation tech that reduces engine size when full power is not required. For high-mileage users, the best option is the diesel engine variants. The eco-efficient version manages 52.3 mpg. However, the best way to save money on fuel is by using the 148 bhp diesel engine that can manage 53.3 mpg. The 187 bph diesel engine gets to over 50 mpg in no time. However, when you buy the four-wheel drive versions, fuel economics drop to 44.8 mpg.

Drawbacks to Owning One

The Skoda Superb is a popular option with taxi companies. As a result, you should watch out for a high mileage when buying a used one. This is a very sophisticated car and problems can arise. It is also quite popular with caravan owners. As a result, you should watch out for any car that has two hooks. It does not always react well to hauling heavy loads. To avoid some issues, always shop around for some great after-market warranties. You should also check if the heated seats are working when you buy the car. Replacing the element can cost about £500.

Why You Should Buy the Skoda Superb

This is a spacious car with a lot of space. If you have a large family, it will get you to your destination without having to leave any luggage behind. Besides that, it is reliable and handles quite well on the roads.