Vauxhall Zafira

The Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is a spacious and luxurious seven-seater carrier that was designed as a rival to the Ford S-MAX. This is an example of one of the most successful family cars. It's maker announced there would not be any more of them made after 2018 since buyers wanted more sports utility cars. In short, if you want to own one, you will have to buy a used car.

The Prices for the Latest and Older Versions

This is one of the most reasonably priced seven-seaters in the market today. As mentioned earlier, many people are upgrading to sports utility cars, which means there are a lot of them to go around. For as little £8,000, you can get a 2015 model that is in great shape. This is about the price that most families in the UK spend on a used car. If you want to go even cheaper, you can buy a 2013 model that costs about £7000. Since it is a family car, there is very little chance of it being overused or tested too much. If you are looking to buy the 2018 model, you will pay about £15,000.

Reliability and Fuel Economics

The car has continuously maintained a high score during surveys conducted by owners. Some surveys, encompassing tens of thousands of motorists, have concluded that the build quality is first class. The ride quality is great as well. However, one place it performs below average is in terms of incorporating innovative technology. This is understandable since the car is designed to haul the family around. In terms of safety, the car scores very highly, with a rating of 94%. This is always important when buying a family car. It is, however, worth noting that it has only a pair of Isofix mounts for child seats whilst others have managed three.

In terms of fuel economy, this is a very miserly car. It is especially so when you pick the 168 bhp 2-litre CDTi diesel engine that manages 57.7mpg. It is the best option if you often use the motorway or travel with a full load.

Problems with Owning a Second-Hand Model

There have been incidents of minor problems that are not related to the engine. For instance, the sat-nav has been known to malfunction and starting the car can be a problem at times. Besides that, diesel particulate filters do at times get blocks in used models. These are all minor issues that should be relatively easy to fix. When buying a used model, be sure to test the electronics in general. For instance, when fitted with xenon headlights, they have been known to fail and cost a pretty penny to fix. Other electronics you should check before making a purchase are the radio and interior lights.

Why Buy One?

The main reason to buy this family car is space and reliability. It has space in almost all areas. It is full of pockets and compartments. The seats also fold into the floor when you need more space. In short, this is a very practical, comfortable, reliable and economical car for transporting a large family.