Which are the UK's ten best second hand car bargains?

In the current economic climate car buyers want to get the very best value for money. That also means doing the research on cars that will also be reliable and resilient, as well as looking good. Here are some of the very best second-hand cars for 2019, and there is something for everyone in the line-up. These are strictly our own opinions - if you think otherwise let us know!

Vauxhall Insignia Image

Family Car

The Vauxhall Insignia comes out top of the list for best second-hand family car with prices starting at around £6,000. This 5-door hatchback has spacious interior space, good value engine and a well-equipped kit list with sat-nav and leather upholstery in many models, and is a reliable and practical choice. More

Skoda Citygo Image

City Car

The Skoda Citigo has a lot to offer in a small package, with smart technology and a great driving experience for it's size and price. The Tardis effect means that it somehow has room for 4 adults as well as luggage in the generous-sized boot. Prices will typically be £4,000 upwards. More

Porsch 911 Image

Sports Car

for a sporty little number the Porsche 911 still comes highly recommended by car reviewers and enthusiasts! A good 3YO second-hand model starts at around £55,000 but it can go way past £100,000 for a low mileage high specification example. The car still looks contemporary and is a star buy even at these prices; depreciation after the first few years is very low. More

Toyota Prius Image

Hybrid Car

The Toyota Prius comes up as the best second-hand hybrid on the market, and enough time has elapsed to show the durability of these cars with one having shown more than 230k miles on the clock! If you drive a lot in town these cars will be ideal, and the Prius offers a comfy and fun ride with the added bonus of no road tax as the car emits significantly less CO2 than other cars. Prices start at around £12,000. More

Mercedes S Class Image

Luxury Car

Mercedes S-Class is one of the most luxurious second-hand cars you can pick up, and prices start at about £30,000 upwards but you get a lot for your money; a class act that features a range of top technology and superb comfort when driving. More

Peugeot 208 Image

Small SUV

For practicality and rapidly expanding families, the Peugeot 208 is versatile and attractive with good leg room and decent boot space, and the great suspension means a comfortable drive. Prices start at £5,000 upwards. More

Kia Sorrento Image

Large SUV

Kia have consistently given value for money and their Sorrento is no exception. From £15,750 upwards you can get a large 7-seater with a hardwearing interior and the benefit of Kia's 7 year warranty where this is still in place. Pay about 15-20,000 depening on mileage and condition. More


the Ford Fiesta has long been a top selling car and the Mk6 is the best in this category and with a vast array of specs and designs to look out for. The 5-door Zetec model is particularly good and is both practical and sporty. Expect to pay around £6,500 upwards. More

Skoda Superb Image

Estate Car

Skoda feature again with their Superb Estate which does what is says on the label with a huge boot of 660 litres, a great interior and a range of engine types from basic diesel and petrol to high performance 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol versions that have a high performance 276bhp. Prices start from £11,600 upwards although higher mileage examples can be much cheaper. More

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer Image


The Vauxhall Zafira Tourer looks good, it has plenty of room inside, has plenty of equipment and with seven seats it's perfect for taking the kids (and the neighbour's kids too!) to school. Expect to pay up to about £10,000. More

Executive Car

One of the best second-hand executive cars around is the BMW 5 Series costing around £15,000. This model is synonymous with style and comfort, and with a smooth 8-speed gearbox and superfine handling it has everything needed to successfully combine executive and family life as well. More

Seat Alteca Image


The Seat Altea is a good looking five seater with a wide range of trim options, several engine choices and a choice of front or a four-wheel drive version. Overall it's excellent value for money, it handles well and it's easy to drive. Cost would be about £15,000 depending on specification. More